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Riverside Avenue

Salbari, Siliguri

08:30 - 15:00

Monday to Friday

Welcome to Campion

International School

Established in 2006, we ensure students get
the best education.

Home, away from home

At Campion, we come together as one family


With the best tools, we give wings to those who wish to fly high


By giving importance to sports and ECA, we aim at every child’s overall well-being

We also value an individual’s cultural identity and provide scope for expression

Our aim is to make better human beings and provide education worth cherishing

Latest News

REGISTRATION  GOING    ON…  Session 2019-2020, From Nursery to Class XI. | For enquiry, you can visit our school or apply online

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Campion International School is an undertaking of the Campion Education and Welfare Foundation, registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.

Campion International School is proud to announce that the school is affiliated to the Central board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Affiliation code: 2430218, which will cater to classes Nursery – IX…. The school is excited to be associated with the centralized educational body and aims to provide a holistic educational experience for its students as per the guidelines of CBSE. We recognize the need to emphasize on uncompressed quality and a dynamic approach to education, which also gives great importance to co-curricular learning involving music, sports and other arts along with academic interests.

Admission for the CBSE is now open and we kindly invite parents to visit and contact us for admission and further information.

School Events


Inter- House Quiz Competition

Inter- House Quiz Competition held on 26th May 2018 in the School premises for classes III-VIII. Winners: Group A- Sahara House Group B- Amazon House…

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Campion Carnival -28th Jan 2017

The Campion Family welcomed the year 2017 with Campion Carnival 2017 which brought the students, the teachers and the parents under one roof. The Chief…

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Kolkata Model United Nations Conference(KMUNC)- 13st Jan 2018

Kolkata Model United Nations Conference (KMUNC) was held in the Novotel Hotel, Kolkata from 31th January to 2nd February 2017. This is my second MUNCafe…

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Campion Futsal Premier League 2017

Campion Futsal Premier League 2017

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Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya 203rd birthday

Campion International School celebrates the 203rd birthday of Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya.

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Campion International School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Affiliation Code: 2430218 and caters to classes Nursery to IX

Principal's Message

On joining Campion International School as an Academic Coordinator, I was really impressed and influenced by the school’s ambiance.  more


Kids Care is a unique preschool designed exclusively for children from the age of 27 months to 5 years. Our curriculum is designed for children to create, discover, interact …more

Rector's Message

As  I stepped into the tranquil atmosphere of Campion International  School, the rippling sounds from the placid river water…more

Our Programs


Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India.

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Kids Care is a unique preschool designed exclusively for children from the age of 27 months to 5 years

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Our Archives

Positive Impact

Apart from books you learn a lot about how to develop your personality in CIS and will also discover what you are good at. It's more like a family than a school where teachers are always there for the students.




Bhuwan Shresta

Campion. A friendly zoned school, where you can find the perfect ambience as per today's generation's desire. The friendly teacher present in it will give their best to make you able to be dependent among yourself. You won't be able to stop yourself from exhaling all your talents upon the campion's assembly stage. “the life in campion, there really are no words that can describe my love for the experience. The friends that I made will be my friends for life, and more importantly, the type of friends you could call up 20 years later and know that whatever you asked of them, they would be there to support you, they will be there to make you feel the feeling of "FAMILY". "Campion will always have a special place in my heart. It was the place where I first learned that I could do that things which I never thought possible: playing football with those guys who were as good as christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Alexis sanchez, take the lead as captain of the Everest house, do the western dance upon the stage . And even more importantly, it was the place where I learned to connect with other people on a level deeper than schoolwork. I was a part of something much, much bigger than myself, and discovered that the resulting feeling of responsibility can be not a burden, but a joy."

Bhuwan Shresta


Thank you !!!

I've studied in Campion International School since class 4 (2008) and had to wave a good bye after my As and A levels in 2017. In all these years I've learnt a lot from my school, my campion. It's quite hard to accept that I'll not be going to the school anymore. I've learnt to face the crowd. I've learn to be a solo performer and also learnt to work in a team. I've learn to be an active worker when in comes to events like "campion carnival", "annual sports meet". As a junior prefect in class 9, senior prefect in class 10, School's captain in class 11 and the school's vice captain in class 12, in ever step I improved and now I can deal with students, also my friend Raquib Dewan the ex school captain has helped me a lot and taught me to work hard. Mostly, the credit goes to campion for giving me these opportunities to come forth and show me my capabilities. I thank the teachers and staff for everytime being on their toes when it's talked about students and I thank the management for providing us with all the required items.I also thank my personal subject teachers for giving me knowledge to help me move forward and do well.
That's all. I thank my school for everything it has done for me and my fellow mates.

Manisha Adhikari


Privileged to be a part of it !

Campion International School, a place where one cannot forget once you are here. A place where you are always privileged to be a participant and exposures that awaits for everyone. I have discovered myself is many entities after coming here. However,I was a boarding student,so my parents couldn't be by my side in my ups and downs but my faculty members,never left a dew to fulfill that absence as well. Campion provides you number of platforms that some people just dream to be in and Campionites live them. Adjustment is upto you,and it is upto you how you take those amenities. If you are senior,you have responsibilities that will help you to deal with the adversities of the real world. I have learnt it. Now it's your turn.

Raquib H. Dewan


Extremely enriching experience

Studying in campion has been an extremely enriching experience. Within a short span of time, Campion has given me vast knowledge along with education. The encouragement that every student receives in order to participate in the school activities has personally helped me develop a lot of confidence. Campion makes me feel like I've walked right home with students and teachers who are friendly, willing to help and have the best interest in mind


Pamela S. Wangmoo


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