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Campion School


Riverside Avenue

Salbari, Siliguri

08:30 - 15:00

Monday to Friday

Co-curriculum Activities

The School emphasizes on Co-Curricular activities to channel enthusiasm of the young minds to creative pursuits in order to develop diverse talents. Particular care is taken to ensure that shy and diffident children participate actively in various Inter-House and Inter-School Competitions, which form an integral part of the School Life.

Stage Activities:
Campion believes in the importance of cultivating confidence and encourages debating, public speaking, and elocutions in Class and Assembly.

Dramatics, Elocution, Quiz, Debate, Talent Contest, Pantomime, Song and Dance (Classical, Modern & Folk) form an integral part of the above activities. Functions are held in the School to mark Special Occasions.

Ample opportunity for the Students to hone their skills as budding musicians and singers, and since music spices up life all are encouraged at very early age to learn instruments of their choice like Keyboard, Harmonium, Guitar, Tabla, Flute, and Drums.
Vocals: Classical, Modern, Folk & Pop.

Art & Design:
Creativity is the essence of Happy Living. We have dedicated an Art and Craft faculty with separate Class special towards the development of Art and Design.

Games & Sports:
Campion offers facilities for both Indoor and Outdoor Games. Games like Football, Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Cricket are given special emphasis in order to inculcate the essence of Team Work.

Adventure Sports:
Provisions are made to our Students from time to time, to take part in Adventure Sports like Rock Climbing, River Rafting, Trekking & Hiking.

Tours & Excursions:
Past years Campion has organized Yearly Tours and Excursions during the Winters for its Students. Participation in such Programmes is by choice of the Students and Parents. Tours and Excursions may be Short ones like visits to nearby Tea Gardens, Wild Life Sanctuaries, Darjeeling, Kalimpong or Long tours like out-of-State visits to places like Bodhgaya, Delhi, Goa and such others.