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Campion School


Riverside Avenue

Salbari, Siliguri

08:30 - 15:00

Monday to Friday

Rector’s Message

As  I stepped into the tranquil atmosphere of Campion International  School, the rippling sounds from the placid river water , the chatter of the eager minds ,the soft giggles  of the little girls and sounds of voices trying to harmonize,   was  assuredly a call from the angels above , asking me to contemplate and  devote myself to guide, impart standard  education and inculcate moral values  to the enthusiastic  and ever eager minds of the students.

With great pride I would like to state that Campion International School has very committed and ever supportive Management, highly qualified teachers with CIDTL and BEd training, who are  fervently dedicated  and the extremely cooperative parents who with a clear spirit of understanding definitely help  create a child centric institution. Since we consider every child to be unique  with his/her own talent and ability ,we as educators have sincerely taken up the responsibility to nurture and develop every child to his/her maximum potential.

With  the introduction of a variety of activity classes , group work ,involvement in internal as well as external competitions and with  indoor and outdoor games,  a lively environment has been initiated with  a sense of cooperation , smoothly leading to a healthy atmosphere amongst the teachers and students. Thus enabling the teachers to give their students a sound  all-round education. Besides education , discipline, compassion, and a humanitarian spirit, respecting all caste ,creed ,culture and most importantly to work with integrity are  imbibed  into the ever blooming minds of the lively ,innocent, restless but zealous students.

My aim is to encourage all the students to hold on with hope and  a  vision of achievement to reach the pinnacle of excellence in life, forever  illuminating the motto of Campion International School—-EDUCATION PAR  EXCELLENCE.

With all good wishes to the Campion family.


Dolly Chowdhury


Campion International School.